Preparing and practicing a presentation takes a lot of time and effort and the interest is often very moderate. But that can be done differently. Philaned offers the possibility to make your presentation accessible online for 2 years. This way everyone can enjoy your presentation anywhere, anytime. And stamp societys can offer a presentation without having to invite physically a speaker. And to make it as easy as possible, Philaned offers the following service:    

  • If you are not familiar with Powerpoint, it is sufficient to submit the images and the accompanying text via wetransfer, after which Philaned converts it into a presentation and, if desired, provides a voice over of the text.     
  • Another possibility is that you submit a selfmade PowerPoint presentation without spoken text as a ppt file. This can be placed by Philaned as a download file or, if desired, provided with a voice over of the text.     
  • But we prefer a selfmade PowerPoint presentation with a voice over as an mp4 file. If desired, we will send you an instruction on how to convert a PowerPoint presentation into an MP4 file     
  • There are still a few limitations in this start-up phase. In particular, the number of volunteers to support e.e.a is limited. And that also applies to the professionalism with which texts are recorded.     
  • The files should not be larger than 40Mb.     
  • The length of a presentation is also limited. For the time being, we use a maximum length of 15 minutes, which corresponds to about 15 slides     
  • But it always starts with signing up via the message below. In any case, state the title of the presentation, the author, the number of slides, the language of the presentation and a short summary.