Participating in a stamp exhibition takes a lot of time and effort and the interest is often very moderate. But that can be done differently. Philaned offers the possibility to also display the frames online for 2 years. This way everyone can enjoy your submission anywhere and anytime. And to make it as easy as possible, we offer the following service:     

  • Those who are not familiar with computers can drop off the frames at the specified addresses and receive a receipt. The frames are then scanned for free by Philaned and placed online, after which the original frames are retrieved or returned. Any costs for registered and return shipping are for the sender.    Another possibility is that you scan the frames yourself and send them as a jpg, word or pdf file with wetransfer to Philaned. These files should not be larger than 40Mb.    
  • There are still a few limitations in this start-up phase. Philaned is limited to A4 pages to scan. And for the time being we use a maximum of 3 frames per contributor and we prefer to accept exhibitions that have been judged earlier.     
  • But it always starts with signing up via the message below. In any case, state the title of the work, the author, the number of frames, the exhibition where the work was judged, the jury's opinion and a short summary.