When collecting stamps became increasingly popular, the first pre-printed albums also appeared. On the one hand there were the luxury albums per country with annual additions and on the other hand the cheap one-off pre-printed albums from around the world. Whoever wanted to show his collection to a larger audience was dependent on the handwritten sheets with the stamps attached with a sticker. With the arrival of the PC and especially the drawing programs, the album pages and exhibition framework were made more and more with the computer. But presenting a collection by means of a book (preferably with a hard cover) was an expensive and time-consuming process that was reserved for a few people. And then only if a reasonably large number of copies was to be expected. With the rise of Printing On Demand printing, anyone with a bit of digital skill and a scanner can actually make a book from his / her collection. You only pay € 30 per book for printing ten books of 250 pages full color. And then you also have the option to offer and sell the book in parallel via Bol.com. The only disadvantage is that you have to take care of the PR and sales yourself. Collectors who want to publish a book with POD can promote it here at Philaned.


See table of content to see a list of interesting philatelic books. Some of them are published in this way.