Online publishing


Philaned offers the possibility to publish a philatelic article and place it on the internet without having to set up a website yourself. This way visitors to Philaned can enjoy your passion. We prefer to have articles that have previously been published in a philatelic magazine, but previously unpublished articles are also welcome.

How does it work?

It starts with the following email message to Philaned. In addition to the name and email address, you must state the title of the article, the subject, the length of the article (number of words), the language in which the article is written and the number of images. If the article has been published before, please state the magazine and the number in which the article appeared. You also declare that the material and text are your intellectual property. Articles in Dutch, English, German and French are welcome.


After confirmation of receipt you will receive the email address where the article can be sent. Word and PDF files are welcome. We prefer to have articles with the images integrated in the text, but separate images (with jpg) are also allowed. Large files can be sent via wetransfer. After processing, the article will be published online unless Philaned believes it does not meet the minimum requirements or could be potentially offensive. The article remains accessible for up to 2 years via Philaned.

Finally. This service is free, but keeping Philaned up and running is not.

Therefore, a voluntary contribution is appreciated.